Asiacom Americas
A principled IT services provider allows you to focus on what makes your business great
Data Center Services
Keep data center day-to-day management and operations running smoothly with unlimited remote and onsite supports plus a personalized field team.
Technical Support Services
Provide stellar IT support to businesses regardless of location, device, or language, 24/7/365 live helpdesk and emergency support.
IT Project Management Services
Handle every aspect of complex physical cabling and wireless projects from initial analysis to maintenance and updates.
Cloud Consulting Services
Identify individual business systems and processes, help clients choose the best environment and conquer multi-cloud complexity together.
System Integration Services
Establish cross-functional teams for your digital transformation connecting data sets, building a warehouse, and bringing transparency and real-time control.
Our Philosophy
Become a leading provider of enterprise digital transformation.
Create shared values for business and society.
Core Values
Integrity and Persistency, Attentiveness and Focus, Legacy and Aspiration.
Our end-to-end suite of IT services has delivered unrivaled value for the Fortune 500 companies and high-profile organizations