Network System/Server Administrators No.365
Sterling, VA Full - Time / Contract
Opportunity Details

We are hiring several professional and motivated network system/server administrators who are team players and fast learners, and able to deliver precise and detailed work in 7x24 basis.


1. Responsible for the resident operation and maintenance service (server and network system) of the customer IDC room
2. Work with the customer operation and maintenance team to complete server installation, deployment, troubleshooting, and normal operation monitoring
3. Cooperate with the customer operation and maintenance team to complete network equipment installation, deployment, fault diagnosis, and normal operation monitoring
4. Contact and coordination server or network equipment supplier to replace on-site faulty equipment in time
5. Contact and coordinate IDC service providers and handle related matters
6. Report incidents in the system in a timely manner and process them according to the workflow
7. Asset management of field devices

1. Experienced in server installation and network configuration
2. Familiar with TCP/IP, Switching, Routing, and Optical communication technology
3. 1+ year Work experience in maintenance & operation at an IDC or Network Center
4. Able to quickly and logically asses emerging and existing problems
5. Must have a Bachelor's in Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, or relevant degree