Three Post-Pandemic Data Center Trends You Should Know
SOURCE:Data Center Knowledge


While digital transformation is nothing new, it’s certainly more relevant than ever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, companies the world over scrambled to accelerate timelines for fully integrating technology into their business model, and cloud migration and leveraging cloud technology are no small part of that. In a world where hyper-efficiency is now a basic business necessity, failing to leverage cloud and data center solutions is no longer an option. But which cloud and data center solutions are right for your customers? The choices are numerous and should depend on individual needs. With that said, there are a few solutions you should be aware of if you’ve haven't fully embraced them already.

Hybrid and distributed cloud

During the recent global acceleration toward digital transformation, two of the most popular solutions businesses are turning to are hybrid cloud and distributed cloud with their capacity to meet today's evolving business needs. Hybrid cloud’s flexibility gives businesses the option to choose which data and applications stay in a private cloud environment and which ones will be handled by third-party services. And distributed cloud provides decentralized local solutions to combat latency and meet specific regional needs.

Another reason both cloud models have become so popular is their ability to boost compliance with local regulatory requirements, something that’s vital in a global economy. Companies that employ hybrid and distributed cloud also experience increases in the availability of compute zones, i.e., locations where cloud services can be hosted and delivered to. Plus, companies can expect improvements in remote workforce support, agility and scalability, security controls and analytics, and their bottom line.

As hybrid and decentralized workloads become more prevalent, they introduce a heightened level of complexity to managing these environments. Ingram Micro can help you both manage that complexity and deliver best-in-class service to your data center customers.

Digital workspace

Any time wasted in today’s rapid global marketplace can cost you precious market share, especially for enterprise clients where minute details add up to millions gained or lost. There’s an IDC statistic often quoted that the average employee wastes over 2 hours a day looking for information and software to do their job properly. While that might not be accurate for the average data center worker, we can all agree there are scenarios where employees don’t have the resources they need to do their job. This is why digital workspaces have seen an adoption jump in the last year as they’re able to leverage the cloud to deliver custom work environments in real time to any device, at any location.

Instead of hunting for the right resources, unified workspaces let employees access their apps and data from a single, secure interface. SaaS, web apps, corporate data, virtual apps and desktops are all available via a high-quality interface that doesn't depend on a user’s device, location or network. Ensuring a workforce has exactly what they need, no more, no less, can only boost productivity and efficiency while reducing overhead—factors that are all vital in a market where those who can’t adapt fall behind or, worse, by the wayside.

Implementation is everything

Maybe you know all this already and are aware of how important hybrid cloud and digital workspaces can be to your customers’ success—but are you able to sell and implement them? In addition to a knowledgeable sales team, you need engineers trained to support your cloud practice by scoping and demonstrating these solutions to your customers. Plus, you also need engineers or trusted partners who can deploy these solutions. If you’re unsure if you have the right resources to deliver the solutions your customers need, don’t worry, Ingram Micro has you covered.

We not only know which training and certifications your engineers and sales teams need, we conduct them ourselves. If you’re unsure about crafting a proper cloud migration strategy, we can help with that too. Our Professional Services team can prepare your customers for cloud readiness, assist with migration and provide lifecycle services throughout the duration of each professional service engagement.

Data center technology is constantly evolving. Never pass on an opportunity because you’re unfamiliar with a certain solution or feel overwhelmed by a project’s scope. Instead, leverage the power of Ingram Micro’s Data Center team, and let us help you and your customers achieve more than ever before.

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