Data Center IT Infrastructure Technician No.548
Sterling, VA Part-time / Contract

Job Title: Data Center IT Infrastructure Technician Worksite: Northern VA data centers


•	Unbox, inventory, and install hardware such as server, storage, and network devices into racks. 
•	Installation of cabling and cable organization per NTT or standards, to include labeling. 
•	Troubleshooting and diagnostics of hardware. 
•	Perform replacement of DIMMs, hard drives, power supplies and other components within server, storage, and network devices.
•	Installation of data center infrastructure materials including racks and cabinets w/ grounding, cable tray and ladder, cable management, copper and fiber networking cable, copper and fiber patch panels and any other materials necessary for data center operations. 
•	Perform installation and maintenance on Power Distribution Units within enclosures. 
•	Work in a standard ticketing system, providing clear, timely, and appropriate customer communications. 
•	Regularly communicate with employees, contractors, and clients via phone, email, or ticketing system. 
•	Periodically join call bridges to troubleshoot and validate infrastructure related issues. 
•	Adhere to Change Control Processes and Standards Support 3rd party vendor activities. 
•	Process all tickets within SLA guidelines and follow procedural requirements. 

•	Previous experience working in a complex high availability data center environment. 
•	Working knowledge of data center processes and design (power, cooling, redundancy), airflow management best practices, computer hardware, networking components and infrastructures. 
•	Familiarity with cable management and knowledge of how to run fiber and copper in a data center to include labeling. 
•	Excellent troubleshooting and problem resolution skills. 
•	Able to operate material handling equipment – server lifts and pallet jacks. 
•	Ability to demonstrate effective team and interpersonal skills. 
•	Experience with Data Center incident resolution, asset management, and logistics. 
•	Regular, predictable attendance is essential for satisfactory performance. 
•	Strong understanding of servers, routers, network switches, and patch panels. 
•	Physically assist in moving and racking equipment. 
•	Able to climb a ladder and work on a raised platform. 
•	Able to safely lift and move up to fifty (50) pounds. 
•	Must have the ability to perform office-related tasks which may include prolonged sitting or standing.