IT Project Management Services
Asiacom keeps your IT projects on track by taking ownership of every task and adapting to changing needs. With the adoption of new processes and technologies, our talented experts in physical cabling and wireless solutions allow you to gain better visibility into project status. We know the best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and the right actions to take to ensure the most effective network for your organization.
Comprehensive IT Project Management Services Offering
Planning and Scheduling
Assessing Team Capabilities
Allocating Resources
Communicating Progress and Restrictions
Managing Risk and Threats
Builing Relationships with Key Stakeholders
Highlights of our IT Project Management Services
Quality Service
We leverage task-based management to provide a full range of high-quality managed services. Our dedicated teams of highly experienced understand your IT challenges and execute plans from start to finish and reach goals as quickly as possible. The unique "many-to-one" model allows our project leaders to follow up throughout the entire process from initial analysis to maintenance and updates.
Custom Project
We adapt our project management approach and methodologies to accommodate our client’s needs, in terms of creating personalized plans for the initiative, realistic timelines, milestones, and deadlines. Our experts become an extension of our client’s team, ensuring the right resources are in place when needed and the adaptable plans are aligned with their needs and priorities.
Low Cost & Risk
When combined with an effective modular design management approach, our clients can minimize risk and standardize the efficient delivery of projects that meet business needs. We curate the same transmission medium, connectors, bridges, and pipelines to bring in the best practices to execute projects within estimated cost and time limits while complying with the highest industry standards.
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