Cloud Consulting Services
Through the vast experience of working with all the leading cloud providers, Asiacom has enough competencies to meet all your business needs. Our specialists can help to accelerate cloud benefits, overcome challenges, and optimize outcomes by combining extensive application across data storage, enterprise cloud architecture, integration, migration, application development, and managed services.
Comprehensive Cloud Consulting Services Offering
Accelerator Workshops for Cloud
Transformation Program for Cloud
Economic Analysis for Cloud
Application Migration Plan for Cloud
Management Platform for Multicloud
Security Services for Cloud
Highlights of our Cloud Consulting Services
Cloud Management
With our team of certified experts in cloud application development, you can get a reliable and cost-effective solution to your data management challenges. Our multi-step approach covers cloud computing, storage, networking, automation, security management, and operations and management helping you bolster business results in your journey to cloud-native.
Cloud Architecture
We perform an in-depth analysis of your current architecture and provide a strategic plan to modernize your cloud architecture including infrastructure, performance, processes, tools, standards, and many more. Our experts optimize risk management by constantly checking vulnerabilities and potential problems to block real-world threats and attacks.
Cloud Migration
We focus on creating customized migration plans for every client. Armed with a thorough understanding of your requirements and goals, we help you design the best strategy and roadmap for a secure path migrating your data and business applications from a local environment to public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud platforms without sacrificing your productivity.
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